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Implementing Recording application for a leading Service provider

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Call Management Suite

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Directory Suite

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Recording & Contact Center Management Suite

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Streaming Suite

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Facilities Suite

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IP Phone Personalization Suite

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Live App Suite

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IP Phone Management Suite

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Security Suite

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Tools Suite

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Entertainment Apps Suite

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Customized Solutions Suite

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Latest Solutions

Private: Qatra

Manage, monitor and control water resources with the utilization of the latest IOT technologies

Private: Abwab

Letting you control access to Gates and Doors with a simple phone touch

Private: Wasel

Give authorities the tools for monitoring and intelligent control of the power consumption on all levels

Covered Technologies

Enterprise Networking

Business networks are critical enablers, for enterprises and services providers, allowing connection within the organization and to the outside world; customers, business partners, applications, Internet..etc

Data Center

Data Centers are increasingly involved to support more business requirements including availability, TCO reduction, flexibility, compliance with global standards and security.

Enterprise Computing

Corporates are relying on Enterprise Computing solutions to deliver significant value in the form of new services, increased efficiencies, revenue opportunities, and competitive differentiation.


Collaboration solutions enables users to communicate in real time using voice, video, IM, messaging and more.

Information Security

Various layers of security solutions are needed to build organizations defense lines against cyber-attacks. Each solution has a vital role in securing part of the complete picture, hence ensuring to fulfill the Confidentiality, Availability & Integrity aspects of Information Assets.

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