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Our “Billing” application is a flexible, easy-to-use and full-featured reporting package for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. It collects call detail records (CDRs) from Cisco UCM and produces management reports for viewing using a standard Web browser; enabling IT, telecom personnel and business decision makers to analyze and plan ahead for anticipated increases in call volume.


Powerful & flexible reporting module

  • Allowing extract reports according to various selectable criteria
  • Manual/automatic scheduled reports generation which decrease your efforts and deliver you up-to-date information whenever you need it.
  • All Reports can be scheduled to be sent via email for selected email addresses.
  • Gregorian & Hijri Calendars support
  • Multiple privileges for accessing the Reporting module.

Multitenant Billing

  • The ability to integrate with multiple CUCM clusters
  • Power admin has the ability to create application administrators
  • Administrator can be assigned to single or multiple clusters

My Bill

  • Each user can login with his CUCM credentials
  • User can generate his/her own reports for incoming and outgoing calls

User Friendly Administration Web Interface

  • Different privileges with customized rights
  • Import/export route patterns from/to excel sheet
  • Application administrators

Very accurate calculation algorithms

  • Direct, consulted transfer, blind transfer, conference
  • Calculation is based on seconds
  • Forced authorization codes support
  • Tax can be configured per call type
  • Different costs per day intervals
  • Process huge number of telephony data

Manual & Automatic synchronization

with Cisco Unified Communications Manager & Active Directory

  • Importing gateways from CUCM for guarantied accurate calculations
  • Importing end users from CUCM and/or Active directory

Applying filters per call destination type

  • Multiple time and pattern based tariffs
  • Telecommunications companies' promotions are easy to handle
  • Calls Cost can be configured by call type

Data archiving module

  • Auto archiving for old CDR raw


Manage Cost:

  • Compare Billing reports with Telco bills for assurance

Manage Cost/Enhance Employees productivity:

  • Monitor call volume/cost trends; to specify departments/users utilization

Enhance devices/Employees productivity:

  • Monitor GW Usage; Enhance Routing configuration to reduce cost/future expansion planning and to enhance devices/employees productivity
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