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Our "External Call Back" application allows you to receive call back notification on your Cisco IP Phone when a used external line becomes available. To receive call back notification, a user requests the Call Back IP Phone service while receiving the busy tone, and then he will receive a notification once the needed line is free.


  • Once a user receives the busy tone due to the external line unavailability; a prompt message will be sent automatically to the user's IP Phone asking him whether to request External Call Back or not.
  • An External Call back notification will be sent automatically on the user’s IP Phone when the used external line becomes available.
  • The External Call Back notification provides the ability to redial the same called destination.
  • Users requesting External Call Back will be served using the FIFO strategy (First In First Out).
  • Scheduled and manual synchronization with Cisco Unified Communication Manager to get the updates of the IP Phones, gateways, partitions, etc. …
  • Manual/Automatic backup for application database.
  • User-friendly web based administration Interface.


Decrease Cost:

  • Eliminate re-calling times for busy numbers, to enable employees to use company external lines with better offers instead using their personal mobiles.

Enhance Employees productivity:

  • Minimize waiting time for free lines to enable employees to catch business opportunities
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